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            Company Advantage
            • Intelligent Manufacturing
              Intelligent Manufacturing

              Sear has established an all-intelligent integrated industrial heating equipment production base, leading the high-level development of the industry.

            • Excellent Products
              Excellent Products

              The industry's strongest R&D team has won many new patents, overcome many industry problems, and establish absolute product advantages of industrial heaters.

            • Innovative Marketing
              Innovative Marketing

              Innovation of marketing mode, breaking the industry magic spell of "not promoting but not selling", establishing a stable flow of customers in stores, and realizing profit easily.

            • Noble Mission
              Noble Mission

              Establish corporate values of self-cultivation, enterprise management and benefiting the people, and create a sustainable and respected corporate vision.

            • Solid Platform
              Solid Platform

              Sear has perfect raw material procurement channels, from transportation, processing, parts supplier control, research and development, distribution, channel, consumer management in one platform management, to give distributors the most stable return on investment.

            Franchise Support

            Franchise Conditions
            • Identify and trust Seal's values, persevere and work together.

            • We will devote ourselves wholeheartedly to Silver Industry and create a win-win situation.

            • Hard struggle, with a certain team operation ability.

            • Have a certain financial strength and good social relations.

            • It is preferable to have a shop for industrial heaters.

            Franchise Process
          1. 01

            Dealers submit their intention to open stores
          2. 02

            Regional Manager Interviews and Confirms Store and Opening Qualifications
          3. 03

            Sign a franchise agreement and pay as required
          4. 04

            The company designs stores and accepts decoration results
          5. 05

            Franchiser Team Participates in Company Professional Training
          6. 06

            Grand Opening
          7. Hotline:+86-574-58582111